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Main Partner of Coerver Coaching

We have partnered with MV8 Madrid Football Academy


Big News:

We are delighted to announce the official collaboration between MV8 Madrid Football Academy and Coerver Coaching España. Both companies believe in the importance of developing technical players and we are confident that MV8 Madrid Football Academy players will benefit greatly from this partnership.

 We are pleased to work with an amazing football academy and are confident that everyone involved will greatly benefit from this partnership.

Our core objective is to support and guide every player to achieve their goals. The way to make those dreams real is connection with MV8 Madrid Football Academy.

MV8 Madrid Football Academy is a unique academy that brings players from all over the world to Spain and lead them to become professional football players.

“Joining forces with Coerver Coaching will allow many players to come to Madrid, heart of European football, to train in our academy with this unique method and become professional players”.

massimo valenziano

CEO MV8 football academy

Our goals

Coerver Coaching´s Method is meant to teach football skills to young kids and develop their habilities. 

The Method uses a pyramid of players development that starts by teaching the touch, ball control and confidence; keeps improving 1vs1 skills and ends with group play.

Now, in partnership with MV8 Madrid Football Academy, we want to give the chance to improve these skills to players from all over the world in Madrid.

History and background of MV8 madrid Football Academy

Established in 2015, the MV8 Madrid Football Academy is a professional football academy that attracts youth players worldwide and allows them to train and compete at the highest level in Spain.


Its core objective is to support and guide every player to achieve their goals.

What does this collaboration consist of?

We have many things in common as football entities, but above all, we strongly believe in the personal development of the technical abilities of every single player.

We believe mastering the ball is the core of our methodology and MV8 Madrid believes it as well. Being able to manipulate the ball is a fundamental component of the game and is what makes it so beautiful and creative.

MV8 Madrid Football Academy´s aim is to provide young players around the world the opportunity to develop and to achieve their goals of becoming the best football version of themselves.

MV8 Madrid Football Academy and Coerver Coaching Spain will guarantee a professional environment for any players around the world to achieve their Goals.